Transport FAQs

My child currently attends Ysgol Y Bannau. If I opt to send my child to Ysgol Calon Cymru for Welsh Medium provision, will I get free transport?

As there is still Welsh medium provision in Brecon High School, the Authority would not provide leaners from the Brecon area with transport to attend the Welsh stream at the Builth Wells Campus.  The parent/carer has the right of appeal and this will be heard by a Portfolio Holder and take into account the provision in both schools.

Ysgol Calon Cymru will have 2 sites. Can I choose which site my child attends for English-medium provision and will I get free transport?

Whilst Ysgol Calon Cymru will have 2 sites, transport will operate as it does currently, whereby leaners are transported to the nearest campus.

If specific A levels are taught at different sites of Ysgol Calon Cymru, will my child get transport between sites to access subjects?

Transport for Post 16 leaners will be provided under the Authority’s 16-19 collaborative arrangements, whereby learners are provided with transport to travel between schools to study their subject choices.

My child attends a primary school where pupils can choose to go to either Llandrindod High or Builth Wells High School. Will we still be able to choose which site they attend in Ysgol Calon Cymru and will we get free transport?

If a school currently has a choice of high school, with the provision of school transport, this will continue for the 2018/19 academic year.  However, the school transport policy is under review and this arrangement could change in the future. Learners in any primary school have a right to apply for a place in any high school and provided there is room in the Year Group the child will be allocated a place at the school. However, if the home address is outside the catchment area of the school the parent/carer is responsible for the transport, and all costs relating to it, to enable the child to attend the school. 

My child attends Llanbister Primary and we live in Dolfor. She wants to go the Llandrindod site of the new school to stay with her friends. Will we get free transport?

No! To qualify for transport, a leaner must reside in the catchment area of a school. A learner residing in Dolfor would not qualify for free school transport to Llanbister C P School. On the same basis the leaner would not qualify for the provision of free school transport to Ysgol Calon Cymru (please see above).

What if my nearest school site does not have a place for my child? Will they get free transport to the other site?

If a learner is not allocated a place at a school, the parent has the right of appeal against the decision. This appeal is heard by 3 independent members and if the appeal is not upheld the learner is allocated a place at an alternative school (site) and school transport will be provided.

Elwyn Davies